It’s time to rethink software testing

Because the way you develop software has undergone immense change. But the way you test software continues the old way

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Our Work Process

  • 01


    Analyze your Digital applications and technologies stack and envision the right Testing Approach

  • 02


    Develop a plan to realize the testing vision.

  • 03


    Design the testing architecture for the applications

  • 04


    Develop the testing framework, test scripts, reports and other artifacts

  • 05


    Deliver on the vision that was set out for your enterprise digital assurance

Digital Assurance Design

At Q7, we don’t see software testing simply as requirements and test cases. We see it as the crafting of the Design for Digital Assurance, much as you design your other IT business technologies.

We see it in the context of your enterprise. We see it as a well-coordinated orchestration of business events and processes, a harmony of data flow from upstream to downstream systems.

We see it as a natural extension of your business technology – technology that assures business technology, making business sustainable, agile and fast.

Therefore, we give special emphasis to the Analysis, Planning and Design phases of the engagement using these paradigms.

Architecture Driven Testing

We believe Software Testing should begin with the application’s functional architecture, just as development would begin with the technical architecture

Enterprise Functions Library

Drawing a parallel from the API economy which revolutionized software development, it’s time software testing learns from this proven pattern of shared, enterprise services for Software Testing and Digital Assurance


Project vs Product View

We see a flaw in Project oriented Software Testing efforts. Projects are temporary endeavors. Requirements are tasks for developers but not necessarily for software testers. Software Testing must take a product view

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